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James and Karen’s LEGO Layouts

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

In addition to membership in RMR, Karen and I are also members of WamaLTC. Normally we prefer to display our LEGO with WamaLTC, but 3 or 4 times a year schedules cross and we put on a LEGO display under the RMR banner.

Starting in 2016 we are migrating to a 9 table plan using standard 80.5″ x 40.5″ tables/modules with the planned exception of the center table/module which is 80.5″ x 60.25″ to allow expansion of the lake/park. Our goal is to standardize the city/park section as much as possible and then mix and match the Rail Yard, House/Farm/Carnival, Star Wars, and Holiday Village tables as space allows.

For the 2017 Fredericksburg Kid’s Expo we used an 18 x 14 display centered on a 20 x 20 booth. Candy Lane townhouses has been rezoned to the farm section, otherwise not a lot for changes in the city/lake district from the 2016 RMR Train and Christmas Show. Still about a 12 hour setup with two people but not as hectic and much better results. John and Alex again provided the Star Wars display. Turnout was better than we expected, and for the most part everyone was well behaved. We hope they ask us back next year. Tear down took under 2 hours, we are starting to get a system going. Really need to get a trailer.

For the 2016 Annual RMR Train and Christmas Show we used a 18 x 17 display centered on a 24 x 24 footprint. Layout was a full 4 sided walk around. By far the largest layout we’ve ever done on our own without WamaLTC. First time using the new table layout plan so we learned a few things along the way. That and the 6 hours I spent in the Emergency room Friday night resulted in a display that wasn’t up to our normal standards but everyone seemed to enjoy it anyway. MiniFig Hide & Seek appeared to be well received. Brian brought a few trains and for the first time John and Alex have joined us by adding to the Star Wars display.

For the 2016 BBQ Jamboree we set up a small LEGO display on our remaining 5′ x 7′ table and had the Duplo on our first 80″ x 40″ as something interactive for the kids to play with. The weather forecast may have discourage some as there wasn’t a huge crowd but a few of the contestants proved to be LEGO fans and ended up sneaking us BBQ about 2 hours before the public tasting began. Unfortunately no layout pictures as I again prove I am useless with a camera as all the photos were way overexposed. All we have is a setup photo off of a cell phone.

For the 2016 Greenberg’s Train and Toy Show we only used a single 5 x 7 table. I had planned on running the RMR club table but around 2pm on Friday during setup the Greenberg organizer found out I had done the LEGO layout for the 2015 RMR Show and offered me space if I was interested in doing a LEGO layout. Karen was working all weekend and nothing was planned or staged so of course I said yes. Last minute but it gets me in the door for doing a display for next year. Just me for the weekend so I kept it simple. Sorry no photos.

For the 2015 Annual RMR Train and Christmas Show we used a 14′ x 8.5′ display consisting of both of our 7′ x 5′ tables along with a 4′ x 3′ module from the Christmas Concert we liberated from RMR. After an almost serious accident during tear down it has been decided to switch to a lighter 80′ x 40′ table/module (basically a double WamaLTC table), the 7′ x 5′ tables were built to be permanent fixtures in my garage and are way to heavy and difficult to maneuver.

For the 2015 Piedmont Railroaders Christmas in July Show we used a 12 x 7 walk layout. Unlike our previous events this layout was accessible from the public on all 4 sides. You can fit more but no hiding spots. This event was also our first with the lake and farm. Karen wants to add a third table dedicated to the farm and lake.