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Toy Train

Model Railroading

We've got some great materials for anyone interested in model railroading. Whether you're a beginner or a well seasoned enthusiast, this page has resources for you.


Looking for RMR images and video? This is where you start.

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Top 5 RMR Videos

If you can only watch 5 of our RMR videos these are the ones we'd like you to watch.

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Interesting Train Videos

Learn something new about trains with one non RMR related video each month.

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RailFan67 Youtube Channel

RailFan67 is the RMR Webmaster and Facebook moderator, as well as the club video guru.

RMR Club Layouts

clubhouse layout photo

RMR Clubhouse Dual Gauge O/S Layout

RMR maintains a permanent fixed 430 sq ft O & S gauge (the upper level has O&S dual gauge track) layout in our clubhouse. The perfect solution for those who do not have the room at home for a proper layout but are interested in the hobby.


RMR O Gauge Module Layout

RMR normally sets up the O Gauge Module layout at public events. Members adopt one (or more) of the club base modules and then decorate to their limit of interest.

table top - bowling green 2017.jpg

RMR Club Table Top Layout

For smaller public events RMR uses from 1 to 5 standard banquet tables to set up a temporary display. Gauge can range from Standard Gauge all the way down to T-Gauge; and multiple gauges are not out of the question. Scenery is limited due to the temporary nature of the layout.

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