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Mar 14, 2022
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I recommend using Dropbox. There are no file size limitations except the 2 GB limit of your free Dropbox account. Desktop The first thing you will need is a free Dropbox account assuming you don't already have one. Here is a link to do this on your desktop. Once you have done that you will find a new directory on your desktop called Dropbox. Create a folder called "Public" in your Dropbox directory. In that directory, create a folder called "photos" or whatever you want. Copy all the photos you want to share from elsewhere to this folder. Then right click on this folder and select "Copy Dropbox link" Finally paste this link to an email to me. Cell phone You can also download the Dropbox app on your phone. Note the free version only allows 3 active devices on your account. From this point on, I am using my android phone as an example, the iphone should be similar. In this app, you can select the "photos" option and that will bring up your photo gallery. Here, hold a picture and a check mark appears. Then select all the photos you want to send by touching them as well , each will have a check mark. Once done, select the icon that looks like a link and it will say your link has been created. Now create an email to me ( or anyone else for that matter. Put on a title and then in the body of the message, long touch and a tear drop appears with options including "Paste" Select that and voila, a link is created that you now email and I will be able to access all of the pictures you selected. I will post these (eventually) to the Member section of the website. give it a try it really is easy.