2017 RMR Board

The RMR Board is comprised of the following elected officers. RMR Officers are elected at the December business meeting each year and serve two-year terms. To facilitate a smooth transition, only half of the RMR Board is up for election in any particular year. The RMR Charter prohibits the successive reelection of officers who have served, or are expected to serve, two full two year terms in the same position.

Term Position Name Email
2017-2018 President Jim Kerley
2016-2017 1st Vice-President Dave Rogers
2017-2018 2nd Vice-President Phil Shaw
2017-2018 Secretary Linda Garrett
2016-2017 Treasurer Michael Fields
2017-2018 Director at Large Bill Craig
2016-2017 Director at Large Gene Nordgren

2017 RMR Committee Chairs

The RMR president appoints RMR Commitee Chairs from RMR member volunteers as needed; subject to RMR Board approval.

Commitee Name Email
20th Annual RMR Train and Xmas Show Steve Shaw
RMR Marketing and Publicity Manager Bill Craig
RMR Inventory Manager Rich Boteler
RMR Club Projects Manager Rich Boteler
RMR Webmaster James Karns
RMR Facebook Moderator James Karns