LEGO pages are up and running!

The LEGO pages are starting to take shape.  Since LEGO is my baby seemed like a good place to start.  Spent the past two weeks sorting and tagging images.  I went with a blog format with links to image galleries.  You can check out the results on the James and Karen’s LEGO layouts page.

If you have any images from one of our shows you would like to share with use please email to – James


Picture Galleries on the way…

I finally found the USB cable with the weird SONY Digital Rebel connector so I can finally download the pictures from the last 6 months.  Since the LEGO layout is my baby I’m working on developing that page tree first and then hopefully I can get another RMR member to work with me on the O gauge module layout.

The LEGO main page is done in a blog format, with links to the event pages for pictures.  If I saved the ANYRAIL file with a recognizable name I’ve included the layout image.  So far I only have the 2015 and 2016 RMR Train and Christmas Shows to work on so look for a bunch new pages on the RMR website this weekend. – James

4th Annual Kid’s Expo this weekend

Join us this weekend at the 4th Annual Kid’s Expo at the Fredericksburg Expo Center!
I’ll have a 18 x 17 LEGO display in booth 217
Expo Center Interactive Map Booth 217 LEGO

And the RMR team will be in booth 631 and have our table top display running O gauge and Mike’s carnival. In addition look for Linda’s N Gauge layout as well.
Expo Center Interactive Map Booth 631 RMR

Show hours are
Sunday, February 12th: 4:00pm – 8:00pm
Monday, February 13: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Hope to see you there. – James